bluered_wildcat_headerArroyo Vista Wildcat Families,

WELCOME TO THE 2017-2018 school year at Arroyo Vista. Summer has once again come to an end, we hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends.

PTA is the largest child advocacy organization in the world. AV PTA is a strong representation of such advocacy, providing countless volunteering hours to enrich the lives of our children and community.  The AV PTA also dedicates itself to supplementing resources in multiple aspects of school life, from technology to the arts and site improvements.  To achieve its aims, AV PTA is an organization that depends on the men and women from its community who are committed to enriching the lives of our children throughout their elementary school years.  Our PTA only works because of a great collaboration between our families, teachers and the community at large.

Our goals this year are for our AV community to have a great year while we work hard to provide a number of great events for the students and their families and to aid AV’s teachers and staff in any way we are needed to increase the resources our children need.

Suzanne and I would like to welcome you all to join the AV PTA and make a lasting impact on the lives of your children. Get involved, share experiences and get hands on in the classroom. Your kids will just love it!

Suzanne and I are determined to help enrich our children’s experiences in their younger years. Suzanne brings to PTA a beautiful passion for the arts and community spirit. I bring a huge amount of love for my adopted country, with a little Australian humor included. We take on this role proudly and look forward to meeting you at many of the upcoming PTA events throughout the school year.

Kirsten Jones, AV PTA President and Suzanne Smiley, AV PTA  Executive VP

Pres and VP Photo