Wed Jul 17
  • PTA General Assembly Meeting 7:00 pm8:00 pm

AV Equity

AV Equity’s Mission and Vision Statement


1. Members of the AV community feel a sense of belonging by way of representation and access.  They work together to cultivate this feeling by ensuring that all community members can see themselves reflected in the school’s offerings and in PTA leadership.  Events and extracurricular opportunities are free when possible and subsidized without stigma as necessary to make them universally available to community members.

2. Curricula and school events celebrate people of all backgrounds, along all dimensions of identity.  Students learn to value the full diversity of the world beyond AV, and they are able to situate themselves authentically in the context of local, national, and global histories and struggles.

3. Diverse role models within the community exemplify a broad array of ways to thrive in the world, and they model inclusive approaches to learning and to participating in one’s community.  Language is chosen intentionally to increase inclusivity, and success is defined as inclusively as possible.

4. All families receive equitable access to the resources, information, and encouragement necessary to thrive regardless of their identity or goals.  Student success and failure, awards and discipline, are not predictable based on categories of identity.


We share tools, build knowledge and awareness, amplify diverse and marginalized voices, and engage in advocacy to empower students, families, and teachers to co-create an equitable, diverse, and inclusive school community.


If you have any questions/concerns or thoughts you’d like to share please reach out to us at [email protected]

-AV Equity Committee Co-Chairs- Amber Jaeger, Patti Urzua,
and O’ryan McKinney-Bruskin