AV Weekly Wildcat – May 3 2020

AV Spirit Days: Week 2

Students dressed in red, RAINBOW, and blue for Color Day this week.

Zoom Special Guest

Our beloved Whiskers, popped in on the Kindergarten online class meeting this week. We love you, Whiskers! We hope you are staying safe!

Message from 1st Grade Team

Stay healthy, 1st Grade teachers! We miss you too!

Grade-Level Google Groups and Language Groups

The PTA is trying out something new to help parents stay connected and get support from our school community.  We have established email groups to help families share information and get answers to questions regarding communications from the school, PTA, and classroom teachers.  We know there is only one month left of the school year, but we’re hoping to get some subscribers to help test this out so we can make adjustments for next year, if necessary.  We invite all families to join their children’s grade groups.  If you speak or read Korean, Chinese, or Spanish in addition to English, please also strongly consider joining those groups (see below) to lend a helping hand.  

To join, visit the relevant links below and enter your email address in the pop-up form. You will need to confirm your request via the automated email you receive before your request is submitted.

If you have any questions, please email Megan Gardner at [email protected] or Karissa Adams at [email protected]

AV Spirit Days

[April 20th, Crazy Hair Day; April 27, Color Day; May 4th, Silly Sock Day; May 11th, Sports Day]

A Call for Volunteer Service Award Nominations

The PTA Honorary School Service Award Program recognizes service and dedication of both individuals and organizations for outstanding service to the welfare of children and youth in our school.  Please use the linked form to submit your nominations by Sunday May 10th.
The annual Honorary Service Award Breakfast will not be held this year.  All award recipients will be notified before the end of this year, and honored at next year’s awards breakfast.  

Awards may be given in the following three categories, but it is not necessary to specify the category on your nomination form.

  1. Honorary Service Award- given to an individual in the PTA, school or community in special recognition of outstanding service
  2. Continuing School Service Award- given to an individual in the PTA, school or community for their continued outstanding service
  3. Certificate of Appreciation- given to an individual in the PTA, school or community to recognize their special contribution
If you have any questions, please email Karissa Adams at [email protected] or Megan Gardner at [email protected].  

How to Get Tech Support for Distance Learning

Distance learning will continue through the end of the school year. Let’s ensure our teachers can focus on teaching and not tech support! If your child is struggling with technical difficulties, try one of these options: 

  1. Get help from an AV parent volunteer in your child’s class: Click Here for the parent helper list.  Most classrooms have at least one parent helper assigned.  If your child’s does not, feel free to call another parent from the same grade or anyone else on the list!
  2. Get help from SPUSD tech support: Hotline number: (805) 285-2526 (8:00-3:30 starting April 6) or [email protected]

If you are unable to access the list of helpers, you may contact Megan Gardner at [email protected] or call her at (310) 409-7800.

Any additional information you need regarding distance learning can be found at  spusd.net and arroyo.spusd.net.

General PTA Meeting May 20th

Our General PTA meeting and Executive Board election will be held on May 20th at 7pm on a virtual platform. Stay tuned for more details.

On February 19, the Nominating Committee presented to those in attendance the following slate of candidates for next year’s Executive Board. On May 20th General Association PTA meeting, those in attendance will vote upon next year’s Executive Board. The association will also be voting on the following proposed changes to the Standing Rules: (1) adding a 5th Standing Committee Chairperson, the Website and Technology Chairperson, to serve as an appointed member of the Executive Board; (2) modifying the duties of the 2nd VP of Communications and setting forth the duties of the Website and Technology Chairperson; (3) adding four new event coordinators (Cultural Liaison, Parent Education, Sustainability, and Traffic); and (4) removing one event coordinator (Website).

President, Karissa Adams; Executive Vice President, Megan Gardner; 1st VP, Ways and Means, Jennifer Wang; 2nd VP – Communications, Sarah Kovatch; 3rd VP – Wish Night, Erik Gammell; 4th VP – Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Koca; 5th VP – Programs and Assemblies, Brian Mahler; Treasurer, Judy Asakura; Financial Secretary, Jaclyn Tolj; Recording Secretary, Patti Urzua; Auditor, Marcela Owens; Historian, Panda Korman

Take a Mindful Minute

This mindfulness technique takes you through your five senses and can help you feel calm.  

Single parents with children 10 and under, families of ER healthcare workers, families of first responders, families with special needs students, senior citizens, immune-compromised of any age can get help with grocery shopping. Click HERE for more information

Want to be a volunteer shopper for people in need? Sign up HERE!

Click HERE to find out more about the South Pasadena Library Reading Challenge.

[Centers for Disease Control: tips on preventing respiratory disease such as COVID19]

[Centers for Disease Control:  wash hands for at least 20 seconds to stop the spread of germs.]