Are You Ready for South Pas to Get Back to Class?

Hello AV Weekly Wildcat Subscribers!

     Earlier today you received an email inviting you to donate to the Back2Class South Pas Fundraiser.  South Pasadena Council PTA –the PTA board that oversees all PTAs and PTSAs in the school district–and SPUSD need our help in order to purchase supplies to meet reopening standards in the event we are allowed to reopen in the fall. For more information about this fundraiser, please read the letter below from South Pas Council PTA President, Kathleen Baumann.  We know we can count on the AV community to answer the call!

-Karissa Adams, PTA President and Megan Gardner, PTA Executive Vice President
Arroyo Vista Elementary PTA

June 14, 2020

     Dear South Pasadena community, We sincerely hope that this letter finds you and your families well! As we end what has been an unprecedented year, we are beginning to prepare for the 2020/2021 school year. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the way we return to school will be different. SPUSD is working closely with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and various federal and state agencies along with neighboring districts to determine the best ways to reopen our schools. When our students return to the classroom, there will need to be measures in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus on campus.

     The aforementioned agencies have started to give guidance about what school life will look like, and the measures that need to be in place as students return to campus. This guidance includes suggestions such as physically social distancing students, configuring oneway hallways, regularly cleaning common surfaces, proper hand washing, providing masks for students and teachers, monitoring body temperatures, and other measures.
     The costs of these supplies will be substantial but absolutely essential. SPUSD projects the start-up costs will be nearly $120,000 since every classroom and common space will be affected. With the District facing budget cuts, these added expenses would negatively impact the overall budget. SPUSD is dedicated to securing the supplies needed to return to school safely and is already taking steps to secure these supplies to ensure they are available when we need them.

     The South Pasadena Council PTA and the PTA/PTSAs at each school, in partnership with SPUSD, are requesting your assistance to help fund these supplies for the classrooms. These are tough times, and we know that people in our community are suffering financial hardships due to the pandemic. We have also heard from families seeking to help mitigate the financial crisis the District is facing. Please consider supporting the “Back2Class South Pas” campaign at There also will be volunteer opportunities in the future to help our schools. For more information about this campaign, please read the Back2Class South Pas FAQ, linked here

     Thank you for your continued support of PTA. In these uncertain times, it has been inspiring to watch our community come together and support each other.

Kathleen Baumann, President and Judy Woo, Executive Vice President
South Pasadena Council PTA