There are many ways to be involved at Arroyo Vista, and many of the events and programs we run would not happen without the time, dedication, and hard work of our fabulous volunteers.  Please see descriptions of these events at the Volunteer Programs page.

Executive Board Roster
President: Kirsten Jones [email protected]
Executive Vice President: Suzanne Smiley [email protected]
1st VP, Programs and Assemblies: Bryan Samuels  
2nd VP, Ways and Means: Christine T. Kim
Danielle Williams
3rd VP, Volunteer Coordinator: Rachel Walsh [email protected]
4th VP, Communication: April Pilaro  
Recording Secretary: Kathy Baumann  
Treasurer: Teresa Wong [email protected]
Financial Secretary: Anne Michels [email protected]
Auditor: Tricia Yamagata [email protected]
Historian: Vanessa Godson  
Parliamentarian: Eric Gammell  
Teacher Representative: Laura Ishibashi [email protected]