Wed Mar 29
  • Spring Break 

Thu Mar 30
  • Spring Break 

Fri Mar 31
  • Spring Break 

Tue Apr 04
  • Popsicle Sales 2:25 pm3:10 pm

Thu Apr 06
  • Student Council - 5th Grade Only 7:40 am8:00 am

Fri Apr 07
  • Kinder Double Session Day 

  • Student Council - 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade 7:40 am8:00 am

  • Community Coffee 8:00 am9:00 am

  • Wildcat Assembly / Neurodiversity Month 8:30 am9:00 am

Tue Apr 11
  • Popsicle Sales 2:25 pm3:10 pm

Mon Apr 17
  • Spring Book Fair 

Tue Apr 18
  • Spring Book Fair 

  • Popsicle Sales 2:25 pm3:10 pm

Wed Apr 19
  • 5th Grade Panoramic Photo 

  • Spring Book Fair 

  • All City Track Meet Practice 5:00 pm7:00 pm

Thu Apr 20
  • Spring Book Fair 

Fri Apr 21
  • All City Track Meet 

  • Spring Book Fair 

Sat Apr 22
  • All City Track Meet 

Mon Apr 24
  • Staff Appreciation Week 

Tue Apr 25
  • Staff Appreciation Week 

  • Popsicle Sales 2:25 pm3:10 pm

  • Ink Drinkers - 5th Grade 3:00 pm4:30 pm

Wed Apr 26
  • Staff Appreciation Week 

  • Ink Drinkers - 4th Grade 3:00 pm4:30 pm

Thu Apr 27
  • Staff Appreciation Week 

  • Ink Drinkers - 3rd Grade 3:00 pm4:30 pm

Fri Apr 28
  • Staff Appreciation Week 


There are many ways to be involved at Arroyo Vista, and many of the events and programs we run would not happen without the time, dedication, and hard work of our fabulous volunteers.  Please take a look at our Position Descriptions.  Read more about volunteering and how to sign up here.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or on the board, please email PTA President, Erik Gammell, or any representative from your area of interest below.

2022- 2023 Executive Board Roster


President: Erik Gammell
Executive Vice President: Patricia Urzua
1st VP, Ways and Means: Stella Jang
2nd VP, Communication: Kelly Kwan
3rd VP, Wish Night: Panda Korman
4th VP, Volunteer Coordinator: Charles Do
5th VP, Programs and Assemblies: Janis Ortega
Recording Secretary: Maelyn Hager
Treasurer: Jen Koca
Financial Secretary: Cindy Shin
Auditor: Rushmi Reehal
Historian: Xochi Castro
Parliamentarian: Oryan McKinney-Bruskin
Teacher Representative: Laura Ishibashi
School Principal: Kim Sinclair

standing Committee ChairPERSONS

Art Docents:  Cassandra Kaldor
Membership Chairperson: Vivan Tran
Community Commerce Chairperson: Ryan Dwyer
5th Grade Promotion Chairperson: Dannielle Williams and Dunia Gill
Website and Technology Chairperson: Jaime Thompson
Equity Committee Chairpersons: Amber Jaeger 

2022- 2023 Committee Chairpersons

All City Track Meet: Eryn Kalavsky, Allie Schreiner, Megan Gardner,  Jojo Holt, and Marion Johnson
All School Sing: Kelly Kwan and Jimmy Stofer
AV Delegates to Council PTA: Andy Perry
Book Fair: Kelly Kwan and Jenn Koca
Community Outreach: Kelly Kwan and Alex Keim
Directory: Marion Johnson and Alex Zepkowski
Hospitality: Alex Keim
Jog-a-Thon: Stella Jang, Keri Tuazon, and Maelyn Hager
Kindergarten Play Date: Patti Urzua
Legislative Chair:  Maria Thorpe
Makerspace: Ann Davis-Martinez, Christine Kelly, and Lori Davis-Denny
Marketplace: Stella Jang,  Danielle O’Sullivan, and Jenn Koca
Movie Night: Noël Bahamón and Janis Ortega
Parent Party: Dunia Gill and Ali Bearden
Parent Education: TBD
Read Across America: TBD
Red Ribbon Week: Charles Do
Reflections: Cami Zappaterra and Piyumie Wickramasinghe
School Service Awards: Patti Urzua and Charles Do
Science Fair: Janna Connor and Raf Niclaes
Science Night: Evgueniy Lubenov and Casey Law
Site Beautification: Leslie Brill
Special Needs: Anna Festa and Greg Wu
Sports Day: Catherine Kelly and Roxsann Barry
Staff Appreciation: Minsun Meeker, O’Ryan McKinney-Bruskin,  and Anna Festa
Sustainability: Cristina Kelley
Talent Show: Charles Do, Ellen Yang, Adi St. Vaughn, and Matt Dubeck 
Traffic: Rafi Angelats
Vision and Hearing:  Maureen Yap
Weights and Measures:  Maureen Yap
Wellness: Danielle Williams
Wildcat Adventure: Stella Jang, and  Keri Tuazon

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