AV Weekly Wildcat – Aug 18 2019

Fall Forms Due this Tuesday 

Everyone should have received a Fall Packet from the PTA last week. Don’t forget to complete your Fall Forms online at ptav.org/fall to: 

  • Join our PTA
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  • Contribute to our “NO SWEAT” Fundraiser.
  • Volunteer!
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First PTA Meeting of the School Year

Wednesday, September 18 in the MPR at 7pm. We look forward to seeing you there! Childcare is provided.

At this meeting we will vote on proposed amendments to the following bylaws: 

  1. PTA officers now include 5 Vice-Presidents (up from 4), adding the position VP of Wish night. The designated order of VPs is now Ways and Means, Communications, Wish Night, Volunteer Coordinator, and Programs and Assemblies.
  2. PTA meetings are now scheduled to be held 5 times during the school year (down from 8), specifically in September, October, February, March, and May
  3. $750 (up from $500) is now authorized for un-budgeted PTA bills. 

Volunteer Event Coordinators Needed!

AV PTA has openings for volunteer event coordinators !

View the entire executive board and event coordinator roster at https://pta.org/leadership/

We are looking to fill the following positions:

Science Fair Co-Coordinator: Work with Glenna Shih, our experienced Science Fair Coordinator, to organize and plan the annual Science Fair in February.

Science Night Co-Coordinator: Work with Annette Ramos, our experienced Science Night Coordinator to organize and plan the annual Science Night activities. Science Night is an initiative to promote interest in STEM fields. It takes place in January.

Talent Show Co-Coordinator: work with Alison Smith, our experienced Talent Show Coordinator, to plan the annual AV Talent Show in May.

If you are interested in any of these positions, or just want to know more about getting involved with the PTA, please email

Karissa Adams, President: [email protected]  or Megan Gardner, Executive V.P.:  [email protected]

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