AV Weekly Wildcat – June 7 2020

Summer Is Here!

AV PTA wishes your families a healthy and safe summer!  The Weekly Wildcat will resume at the start of the next school year. 

SPUSD COVID-19 Updates
First Day of School: 8/13/2020
SPUSD 2020-21 Instructional Calendar

Congrats AV 5th Graders! 

Our 5th graders officially promoted on  Monday, June 1st from 5-7 pm via a cheerful drive-through parade at AV. 

For all of their time, commitment, and last-minute pivoting, we thank The 5th Grade Promotion Chairs, Suzanne Smiley and Amy Sharp.  And a round of applause to their trusty team: Glenna Shih and her popsicle helpers; Marty Freeman and his art helpers; designer Jayme Mazzochi; song-leader Isabelle Ebner and her music helpers;  Danielle Williams and her party-planning team; and mini-movie-producer, Gabriela Berk. Thank you to the Yearbook Team: Annette Ramos, Michelle ShropshireMegan Gardner, Christine Tong, Kelly Liao, Sorrel Barnard, Alice Yen, Jen Wang, Gisela Jones, Meghan Bennet, Ashley Kim, Cynthia Ho, Danielle Schneider Williams & Ebonye Zeno. Legacy gift team: Maria Thorpe, Caroline Madden & Tim Carey. Thank you planning hostess, Christine Tong and yard-sign distributers, Kristen Wingard and Marty Freeman. 

Ask Congress to Include Schools in Next COVID-19 Relief Package

Unless Congress acts, schools are about to experience major budget cuts triggered by the pandemic. That’s why we need your help.

We need you to contact your federal representatives ASAP to support money for schools. Your action will help prevent lay-offs, larger class sizes and the reduction or elimination of important programs and services for our students.

Please CLICK HERE to join with education leaders around the country in asking for $200 billion to support education funding, including special education, distance learning, Title 1 for low-income students and other programs.

This is a quick and easy form to complete, and your message will go directly to all California senators and representatives in Washington.

Announcing 2020-21 Art Reflections Contest 

[Click HERE to find out more about Reflections, the PTA sponsored national art contest for students.]

Mindful Minute

Grade-Level Google Groups and Language Groups

Please go to  https://ptav.org/subscribe/ to join grade-level Google Groups and Google Groups for non-English speaking families.  Please note that after June 3rd, group members in the grade groups will be transferred up a grade. If you have any questions, please email Megan Gardner at [email protected] or Karissa Adams at [email protected]

[SPEF Camps have moved online. Click HERE for more info.]

[SPEF Camps have moved online. Click HERE for more info.]

[Click HERE to find out more about the South Pasadena Library’s Summer Reading Program.]

[Elementary and intermediate summer school classes have moved online. Visit HERE for registration information.]

[High School summer school classes have moved online. Visit HERE for registration information.]

Single parents with children 10 and under, families of ER healthcare workers, families of first responders, families with special needs students, senior citizens, immune-compromised of any age can get help with grocery shopping. Click HERE for more information.

Interested to volunteer to shop for people in need? Sign up HERE!

Click HERE to find out more about the South Pasadena Library Reading Challenge.

[Centers for Disease Control: tips on preventing respiratory disease such as COVID19]

[Centers for Disease Control:  wash hands for at least 20 seconds to stop the spread of germs.]