Campus Reopening

Welcome back AV Wildcats!  Please watch this video for important information about returning to campus safely.

View the AV Reopening Playbook

Drop Off and Pick Up Information

TK/K AM Cohort Drop Off: 7:50AM – 8:00AM
TK/K AM Cohort Pick-Up: 11:15AM
1st & 2nd AM Cohort Drop Off: 8:00AM – 8:10AM
1st & 2nd AM Cohort Pick-Up: 10:55AM
3rd – 5th AM Cohort Drop Off: 8:00AM – 8:10AM
3rd – 5th AM Cohort Pick-Up: 11:05AM

TK/K PM Cohort Drop Off: 11:35PM – 11:45PM
TK/K PM Cohort Pick-Up: 3:00PM
1st & 2nd PM Cohort Drop Off: 11:30AM– 11:40AM
1st & 2nd PM Cohort Pick-Up: 2:25PM
3rd – 5th PM Cohort Drop Off: 11:40PM – 11:50PM
3rd – 5th PM Cohort Pick-Up: 2:45PM