If you shop on Amazon, you can effortlessly earn money for Arroyo Vista Elementary, simply by shopping as you normally do at There is no sign up involved or special codes – just click on our AV/Amazon link before you shop to get to Amazon and then fill your shopping cart – Amazon does the rest. There is no limit to how much we can raise!

In order for your purchases to ‘count’ for AV, you must access the site via AV’s special AV/Amazon logo or cut and paste the AV link (so you can email it to people), it is:


AV Amazon logo

Each month, Amazon pays us 4%- 8% of all purchases made by shoppers who reached Amazon through this special AV link. Even purchases of Amazon gift cards from the website will earn AV money!  That includes products sold on Amazon by other companies, too!

How It Works

  • Order matters:You need to click on the AV link first before shopping and checking out on your computer or your smartphone. You have to click our link before you search and put anything in your cart.  If you don’t click on the AV link first and go to Amazon in your usual way, put things in your cart and then click on the AV link to check out – your sale will not earn us funds. 
  • The clock matters:You have 24 hours from when you click on the link to put an item in your cart; after that you will need to use the link again. If you click on the link and put something in your cart within 24 hours, but don’t want to buy it right away, that is fine – the purchase will still earn us funds if you finalize it within 90 days: just remember to use the link before you checkout.
  • One purchase session per link session: Arriving at Amazon through our link is good for 24 hours or until you actually place your order – after that, you need to link again. So if you link, complete a purchase, and then need to make another purchase – you have to link again in order for the purchase to earn us funds.
  • You won’t see anything that identifies you as an AV shopper. Don’t worry – as long as you used the AV link and follow the order and clock guidelines, your purchase will count.
  • Shopping on Amazon with the Amazon Associates program doesn’t affect the prices you’re paying.

How Much Have We Earned?

Fiscal Year Amount Earned
September 2012 – June 2013 $1,052
July 2013 – June 2014 $2,783
July 2014 – July 2015 $2,421

We more than doubled our earnings in just two yeas of program participation. Some schools have earned nearly $10,000 in one fiscal year from their Amazon Associates link.  Let’s help AV do the same! There is no limit to how much we can raise! Thank you for your support! This is a great opportunity for people who want to help AV just by doing something you already do. We appreciate your contribution to our student programs and fundraising efforts. Happy shopping and Go Wildcats!