Thu Oct 06
  • Student Council - 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade 7:40 am8:00 am

Fri Oct 07
  • Kinder Double Session Day 

  • Community Coffee 8:00 am9:30 am

  • Wildcat Assembly 8:30 am9:00 am

Tue Oct 11
  • Popsicle Sales 2:25 pm3:10 pm

Tue Oct 18
  • Popsicle Sales 2:25 pm3:10 pm

Wed Oct 19
  • PTA General Association Meeting 7:00 pm8:00 pm

Thu Oct 20
  • Great Shake Out 

Mon Oct 24
  • Red Ribbon Week 

Tue Oct 25
  • Red Ribbon Week 

  • Popsicle Sales 2:25 pm3:10 pm

Wed Oct 26
  • Red Ribbon Week 

Thu Oct 27
  • Red Ribbon Week 

Fri Oct 28
  • Red Ribbon Week 

Mon Oct 31
  • Halloween Parade 8:30 am9:30 am

Tue Nov 01
  • OSS 

  • Popsicle Sales 2:25 pm3:10 pm

Wed Nov 02
  • OSS 

  • PTA EB Meeting 7:00 pm8:00 pm

Thu Nov 03
  • OSS 

  • Student Council - 5th Grade Only 7:40 am8:00 am

  • Wildcat Assembly 8:30 am9:00 am

Fri Nov 04
  • OSS 

  • Pupil Free Day - No School 

  • Student Council - 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade 7:40 am8:00 am

  • Wildcat Assembly 8:30 am9:00 am

Weekly Wildcat – August 14

Fall Forms

Click here to complete forms now!

Back to School Night Schedule

Back to School Night will be IN-PERSON Thursday, August 18th! See below for 1st-5th EARLY DISMISSAL and Back to School Night Schedule:

2:00pm:  1st-5th Grade Dismissal
5:30-6:00pm:  TK-2nd Grade Principal & PTA Welcome in Courtyard
6:00-6:45pm:  TK-2nd Grade Classroom Presentations
6:30-7:00pm:  3rd-5th Grade Principal & PTA Welcome in Courtyard
7:00-7:45pm:  3rd-5th Grade Classroom Presentations

Wish Night 

Thursday’s Back to School/Wish Night is one of the most exciting nights of the year as we share the options you’ll have to directly impact your child’s classroom, support staff, and AV experience. Your child’s class Wish List will be sent home later this week and you’ll get a glimpse into the Wildcat magic to come.

If you are a returning parent and familiar with Wish Night’s commitment to enriching each child’s experience, please visit

Thank you!

Wish Night VP

UPDATED Arrival & Dismissal


Students in grades 1-5 may enter through any gate. Students in SDC, TK and K should enter and exit through their assigned gate listed below. You may walk your children to the gate or drop them off via the drop off lane on El Centro or Cawston.


Pick-up/dismissal will occur from the following assigned gates. Updated dismissal gates indicated in blue.

  • El Centro Gate:  1st (Simon & Ramirez) and 3rd Grade (Thieme & Diaz)
  • Kinder Cawston St. Gate 1:  Kinders (arrival and pick-up), K-1 SDC students and 1st (Jara & Jones)
  • Cawston Ave. Gate 2:  1st (Smith) and 5th Grade
  • Cawston Ave. Gate 3:  TK and SDC Preschool (arrival and pick-up)
  • Doran Gate: 2nd, 3rd (Bose, Cabot, Mukhopadhyay) and 4th grade

All students that attend an after school program should meet at the lunch tables.

Daily Bell Schedule

Monday-Thursday Friday
AM Kinder, SDC K, TK 8:10-11:35 8:10-11:35
PM Kinder 11:35-3:00 11:35-3:00
1st 8:10-2:25 8:10-1:05
2nd 8:10-2:25 8:10-1:05
3rd 8:10-2:45 8:10-1:05
4th 8:10-2:50 8:10-1:15
5th 8:10-2:50 8:10-1:15
SDC Preschool AM
SDC Preschool PM

Popsicle Sales Are BACK!

Grab a frozen treat and support our 5th graders EVERY Tuesday, beginning August 16th!

Share Your Community Photos!

Send AV Photos to [email protected]

We would love to have your best AV photos from the year for our archive!  Email photos to [email protected] any time throughout the year.

Do You Have Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Erik Gammell, PTA President, or Patti Urzua PTA Executive Vice President.

¿Tienes preguntas? El maestro de su hija/o o la oficina principal pueden ponerlos en contacto con una familia en AV que hable español. 

질문 사항이 있으십니까?자녀의 담임선생님 이나 학교 사무실에서 필요한 언어를 사용하는 학부모와 연결해 드립니다


Thank you!